Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog of the Week

Apparently, it is required by order from on high that we produce a 'Blog of the Week'. This week I have chosen the BBC Sport Editor's blog which is found on the BBC website. Quite bravely, Roger Mosey has decided to write a blog which explains his decisions about sports coverage on the Beeb. This is always a contentious issue, particularly here in Wales where the natives are forced to watch the English team take on the latest bunch of Eastern European teachers/firemen/factory workers instead of their own boys in red. Mosey usually comes onto the blog to announce some new rights that the BBC has acquired, but more recently he has been forced to defend several decisions. These include the failure to keep the summer test matches on terrestrial TV. The great thing about the blog is that a comment, such as the one which brought up the issue of UK-side screening of England matches can generate a dicussion and then Mr Mosey will come back with an answer. Democracy in action.
Anyway, the link below will take you to the blog and you too can give Roger the benefit of your views on the lack of curling on BBC television nowadays.
This can be found here.


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